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What Is Milfaholic

Milfaholic is one of the most popular and top-rated dating websites out there, so you might wonder whether it is as good as some people claim it to be. Dating websites, in general, are a great way to find a partner for either long-term relationships or just a one-night stand. Regardless of what you are looking for exactly, might be the right place for you to find it.

Milfaholic is a dating website that primarily targets MILFs and helps male users find and date MILFs in their area. If you don’t know what MILF is, just google it, you won’t be disappointed. So, if you are into that kind of kink, you might want to check some of the Milfaholic site reviews to find out whether this site is good or not.

The main goals of the visitors here are to find hookups, chat, and date. Of course, each user might have different goals. Every person can provide the information about their interests on their personal pages, informing the others about what they are into to increase their chances of finding things and people they desire. This information might include fetishes, marital status, hobbies, and other stuff to sketch every person's overall views. If you ever used any dating website, you have probably seen something similar there as those are the common features of the dating websites like Milfaholic. I evaluate all the different aspects of the website’s functioning to give you my opinion so that you would not need to look for any more Milfaholic website reviews.

Well, the history of the website comes back to at least 2013, so it has passed quite a long way and developed into a platform that offers a lot of fascinating features to its visitors. The difference between this website and other similar services is that this one is meant for the real milf-lovers. If you are into hot moms, this website is just right for you. There are thousands, if not millions, of hot women there, and all of them are looking for a real man to hook up with. If that’s what you are looking for, go ahead and take a shot! Stick around to find out more about this dating service.

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  • A cheap 3-day VIP trial
  • Simple registration
  • Lots of female profiles
  • Total anonymity
  • Almost useless basic account
  • Some profiles may be fake
  • No mobile app

Registration at Milfaholic

Registration is the first thing you’ve got to do once you enter the website. This is actually a thing on most dating websites, and you would not be able to proceed past that stage without confirming you are at least 18 years old and entering your email address. Naturally, confirming your age and email are two mandatory parts of the registration process. You don’t have to reveal your real name or any personal data either – this website is completely anonymous.

You can log in for free, but the free version of the website is practically useless. What a pity! Alas, it is the reality you face! All you can do is just go over other people’s profiles, and that’s basically it. If you want to chat with people, send gifts, and do all the other stuff on that website, you need to pay for a subscription, and this part is obvious and unsurprising to everyone. At the very beginning, though, you are going to enter your email address and confirm your registration using the PIN they send to your inbox.

Milfaholic registration 1 Milfaholic registration 2

Milfaholic Interface

Well, what most Milfaholic reviews wouldn’t tell you is that this website’s interface is really outdated. It feels like a time machine to the year 2005, so you might get really nostalgic browsing it. More so, each page is filled with flashy pop-ups that advertise all sorts of products starting with erotic video games and ending with penis enlargement pills, the whole nine yards!. The positive thing here is that the website is pretty simple and easy to navigate. There are no too many female profiles; as a result, they take up little space, and such a layout allows finding everything you need on the main menu.

The main menu is pretty simple and straightforward. Almost all of the tools in the menu are only available to the paid users, so I just had to pay for the VIP membership to make this Milfaholic review. There, in the menu, you can find out who watched your profile, answer the messages, enter chats, find matches, upload your pictures, contact the customer support, and even watch some adult movies. Of course, most of those features are not available to the Basic account owners.

Milfaholic interface

Milfaholic Safety

Some people might ask: is Milfaholic a legitimate site? Well, it is, and these guys guarantee complete safety and security of your data. The website does not require the users to provide any concrete information about themselves, including the information regarding any possible criminal record. It means that you can’t be sure who you chat with. There is no real verification of your identity, so it is entirely possible that some users might not be the people in the pictures. Hopefully, there are not too many of those people out there.

What is good about Milfaholic is that the website itself keeps the information about your email address and all that stuff in secret. You can delete your account whenever you want by contacting the support team and requesting a complete deletion of your data. Also, you can hide most of your information and make it available to your friends only. As you see, your privacy is safe with these guys.

Milfaholic Costs and Prices

As said, almost all of the functions Milfaholic has to offer are only available to the VIP users. Truth be told, the basic account is nearly useless. So, if you want to use this website, you should be ready to pay for all of its functions. Unfortunately, you’ll have to pay from the very beginning if you want to match up, chat, and just review profiles of other people without limitations, which is not expensive, so you can easily do that. More so, you can pay for the VIP subscription for 3 days, which will cost you just $2.97 and get 10 profile views and 10 messages to send a day! By the way, this option is a great chance to get familiar with the platform and make a decision whether you like it or not.

You can see their prices on the screenshot below:

Milfaholic prices

So, if you wonder - is Milfaholic a scam site, the answer is no. You cannot do anything here without paying for the VIP subscription, and though some women might text you from time to time, you will not be able to answer them because that is a paid feature. At least, that is not an expensive website. So, here are the main options you have:


Also known as Basic, is a type of account you get after you register on the website. What you can do here is just check the website out, see what’s available in there, view a couple of profiles, and that’s it.


First of all, you can buy the cheapest version of the VIP account for $2.97 a day. What it gives you is 10 profile views a day and 10 messages a day. Anyway, 10 messages a day is not a lot, so you will probably look for the monthly subscription. It costs $29.95 a month, and it gives you unlimited profile views and unlimited messages. This one gives you access to all of the website’s functions.

Milfaholic Profiles

As you can tell from any of the reviews, including mine, the regular profile on this website consists of a couple of pictures, some general information about the user, and the description of what the user is looking for on this website. These usually are basic interests like sports and all that stuff. Sometimes, people would talk about their sexual desires and fetishes to inform the potential partners about what they like and what they don’t like in the bedroom.

Talking about the pictures, Milfaholic has no limits here. Women pose naked in revealing positions, and there’s no problem if male milf-lovers send them the pictures of their junk either. Well, it seems that you won’t feel bored while browsing.

Almost all of the information is available for free, though most women would place their naked photos in private folders so you can only see them if you are a VIP user, and the lady gives you access to those folders. So, if the woman does not reveal her naked pictures at once, you’ll probably have to talk to her before she does.

Milfaholic profiles 1 Milfaholic profiles 2

Milfaholic Users

So, many people ask - is Milfaholic a scam, and are there any real hookups on that website? Well, while conducting this review, I chatted with several real women, and I can assume that after a while, I might have been able to ask some of them out. Of course, as reviewers, I would not go as far as actually meeting and hooking up with people, but I can tell you that there are real women there and that some of them might be quite fun to chat with.

According to Milfaholic, there are millions of real visitors on their website. The problems start when you read terms & conditions, where they admit that they talk about the total number of people throughout the website’s lifetime and not the actual number of active milfs right now. So, the guys from Milfaholic scam you and don’t give you the real number of the users. As a matter of fact, I cannot really tell you how many people there are and how many of those are real females looking for fun. What I can tell you, though, is that there surely are fake accounts as well as the real ones. Unfortunately, this issue is quite common almost everywhere when it comes to such sites, so common sense is what may really come in handy.

The website is mostly intended for older adults somewhere between 35 and 50 years, so most visitors fall into this age group. The majority of the users are women, as you can tell from just looking at the website. As said earlier, there’s no information regarding the real numbers of women on this website, so you can only guess. The website has been popular in the US, Canada, and Western Europe, so you are most likely to hook up with real people if you live in these areas.

Start Making Contacts At Milfaholic

If you ask yourself - is Milfaholic legit, you need to start a conversation with one of the real women. You will have to find a woman that seems nice to you and message her. Of course, to do so, you’ll have to pay for the premium access. Once you are in, you can start chatting and flirting with that woman. This does not automatically mean you will hook up with her, but if you try, you might just get what you want.

You can chat with milfs and send them gifts as well as so-called flirts to the users to let them know you like their profile. The website does not allow for the video-chats, so you don’t have to worry about your appearance all the time; no spur-of-the-moment ‘facetime calls.’

A quick reminder here – you cannot chat with other people for free. You can only start talking to other people after you pay for the monthly subscription. You’ve got to be prepared for that, and you should also remember that there are no guarantees – you might just pay money for nothing and never actually hook up with anyone. Is that a risk worth taking? That’s up to you to decide, but I really hope that you’re a lucky guy!

Milfaholic contacts

Milfaholic Special Features

I am firmly convinced that it’s hard to imagine such sites without special features, and, naturally, Milfaholic has several ones that might be of interest to some visitors. Here are the most exciting features this website has to offer.


It is the feature that allows you to flirt with the users. It means that you just select that feature, and the user knows you started flirting with them. It’s very convenient and upfront, isn’t it? If you get flirts, you can flirt back, and if you do, you can start a conversation with that user. Basically, it’s like letting the user know you liked their profile and want to know if they liked yours back.


You can send gifts to everyone you like. These gifts are simple tokens of appreciation, and you have to pay money for those. These are similar to flirts, as by sending gifts, you show the user you liked their profile.

Best Matches

The website would analyze your profile and match you with women who have similar interests and live in the same area as you. Basically, this option allows you to view the profiles of people who are more likely to be of interest to you. It sounds like a real tool to find someone you need.

See the Views

You can see who viewed your profile as a part of your gold membership program. This feature presupposes that you can see who visited your page and who’s been visiting it for a while. That way, you can even identify your secret admirers. This is a useful feature for the users who want to know who’s interested in their profile.

Adult Movies

Well, if you get tired of chatting with hot ladies or if the hookup business does not go too well, you can always just go and watch some adult films. Do I really need to go into this? Well, if you want to steam off a bit, you might just watch some hot films available right there on the Milfaholic website.

Milfaholic App

Milfaholic has no mobile app, but you can still access the mobile version of their website. It is rather comfortable and quite easy to navigate. Considering how simple and humble the website is, it comes as no surprise that any modern mobile phone runs it pretty smoothly. The interface is rather comfortable, and the website runs pretty well on the mobile phone, so you can use your phone to chat with hot ladies on the Milfaholic website.

My Verdict

So, what is Milfaholic? That is a dating and hookup website that allows you to chat and date local moms who want to have some quality time with other men. If you are into that kind of stuff, you might want to check this website out. What you need to remember, though, is that there are no guarantees, that this website is really outdated, and that there might be fakes there. Milfaholic is it a scam? No, it is a totally legit website that offers real hookups to the milf-lovers. Of course, the devil is not so black as he is painted – you can find some hot women there and maybe even hook up with some of them. On the other hand, this website takes money for basic functions like sending messages to the people. That is a pure and unadulterated cash grab you have to deal with if you want to hook up on this website.

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