Why I Created WizzLust

Hi there! I’m glad to see you on my site, although I should introduce myself first. My name’s Sam, and I am a 34-year old man who has been divorced for the last three years. Don’t worry, I won’t go on about my unhappy marriage, it’s just that I do feel obliged to briefly mention the events that lead to the creation of WizzLust. And yeah, I was quite happily married for a while, but then we both started to realize that things weren’t working out and it was better for us to let each other go.

Despite hoping that I could handle things pretty well, I was seriously bummed out for about a year. Then I started slowly going on dates and enjoying the single life again. Considering myself a modern man, I decided not to shy away from dating sites but viewing them as a reliable way of hooking up with people.

It turned out, not all sites provided good results and a pleasant experience. In fact, I wished I had never used some of them, especially since they had subscription plans and features you had to pay for. So, not only did I lose my time on a site that wasn’t worth it, but its creators clearly benefited from it more than I did. As someone who had had a couple of fairly successful blogs, I decided to further document my experience with those sites for anyone interested in adult dating platforms. That way, I could warn people about questionable, lacklustre, or straight-out deceitful online places. At the same time, I would help them (you) to discover decent and great sites.

WizzLust Mission

I genuinely enjoyed writing my reviews, and I also felt the responsibility to my readers for an honest and useful account of dealing with a particular dating site. So, I was ready to do some additional research to cover all the issues readers might be interested in. Soon enough, I felt that I could be even more helpful to them by expanding the range of my reviews. And as you can see, WizzLust now also covers adult video games, webcam sites, and tips you can use to navigate the world of online entertainment for adults.

When you are managing a site like this, it’s important to have a clear vision of why you are doing it and what your goal with every review is. It was apparent to me from the start, but after several posts, this vision became crystalline. I developed a structure covering all the major points to maximize the effectiveness of my report on each site, game, or a dating app.

A reader, and I am sure you’ll agree, wants to be able to easily jump to the part describing a certain issue. That’s why I break all the reviews into sections dedicated to different aspects of a site or a game. And it sure helps me to know what to check on each site if I want my report to be useful. It’s a sure way to rate those sites and offer you the list of the top choices promising you a great experience.

How Ratings Are Created

Rating sites is important because it really helps you to consider whether it’s the right platform for you. If there’s a particular site that interests you and it has a low rating on WizzLust, you can open the review and easily find what’s wrong with it. And vice versa if the site of your interest has a good score.

You may also be wondering how I discover the sites I review. Well, there are several sources for that:

  • The sites I once used for dating myself
  • My friends’ suggestions
  • Reviews and mentions in comments on other sites
  • Links I find on other sites
  • Ads which I see plenty due to visiting a lot of dating sites

The first thing I do after picking a new platform is register, documenting my steps and impressions, and then spend some time on it, communicating, flirting, and meeting with people. You can’t write a proper review unless you use the site as a regular user would.

To use the rating for guidance, you should know what influences it:

  • The simplicity of using the dating service in question
  • The variety of features and the quality of tools available
  • The number of users and the share of fake profiles
  • The safety level
  • The price and quality ratio

If the site is more or less popular, there’s a good chance I have already or will review it one day. The exceptions are some local platforms or the ones that restrict access to users from certain territories. So, unless you have a particular site or game in mind, check out my top list. In fact, I’d advise you to do it anyway as you may discover what you weren’t even looking for.